Summer sports season

Spring is finally here, though the weather would seem to contradict that lately! With the warmer temperatures, outdoor activities and sports are now in season, but there can be some challenges with that – pain! Kids playing sports may have a very common and painful condition called Osgood-Schlatter Disease. This is that painful bump on the front of the leg just below the knee that affects many kids. It typically starts during the teen years when growth is rapidly occurring and so is lots of physical activity. This causes the tendons to pull on the bones and create that painful nodule.

If you have been to the doctor for this and been told that the only treatment is to rest and limit activity or put ice on it, good news! There is a very effective and inexpensive treatment that gives relief of pain in nearly all cases.

Take 200 micrograms of selenium daily and 400 IU of vitamin E for 1-2 months and then 50-100 micrograms daily for maintenance after the initial treatment. This has been shown effective in almost all cases over the past 20 years. These nutrients are readily available and inexpensive, most importantly, they work!

Here is to a healthy and pain free sports season. If you have other questions about health, please feel free to call or e-mail with questions or set up an appointment for a personal health consultation.

Dr. Keller

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